Hoe Trumps gedroomde minister van Buitenlandse Zaken een onderscheiding van Poetin ontving

Amerikaanse parlementariërs vellen vanaf woensdag een oordeel over de vraag: is de oud-topman van oliegigant Exxon een geschikte kandidaat om minister van Buitenlandse Zaken te worden? Zijn relaties met hooggeplaatste figuren in Rusland – inclusief president Vladimir Poetin – zullen ongetwijfeld aan bod komen. Onderhandelingen in Jemen kwamen abrupt ten einde toen Rex Tillerson zijn zin niet kreeg. Hij smeet met een boek en stormde tierend de kamer uit. “Woede is een strategie, geen emotie”, zou de toenmalige toponderhandelaar van Exxon tegen collega’s hebben gezegd.…

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The Jaguars have ‘doubled down’ on Blake Bortles with an underwhelming coaching hire

source David J. Phillip/AP The Jacksonville Jaguars were the first NFL team to fill a coaching vacancy this offseason, hiring offensive line coach Doug Marrone to take over as head coach. The move hardly stirred the NFL world. With several high-profile coaches and intriguing assistants on the market, hiring a line coach with a below-.500 head-coaching record, who was already on a 3-13 team, was not all that stirring. However, the move actually signals something of importance, according to MMQB’s Albert Breer – the Jaguars…

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Trump’s latest pick reveals his deadly ignorance of science and medicine

This is an op-ed and the views expressed are those of the author. If you’ve been holding your breath for a sound, sensible pick for a science position in the Trump administration, don’t let the air out now. On Tuesday, President-elect Trump picked Robert Kennedy Jr. to chair a panel on vaccine safety and scientific integrity. Kennedy, who is not a scientist, belongs to the fringe group of medical conspiracy theorists who push the dangerous and harmful claim that – despite all evidence to the…

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How Iran made the US look weak with a tiny, outdated navy and some old ballistic missiles

On Monday, the news came out that Iranian fast-attack craft had once again harassed US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf with unsafe and unprofessional behavior, forcing the USS Mahan to fire warning shots. The incident, the first of its type reported this year, follows a huge increase in Iran’s navy harassing US ships in 2016, the US Navy has told Business Insider. Iran’s ability to undermine the West, to harass their ships in international waters, and to look militarily strong while having weak conventional…

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‘A massive system-wide problem, not just for those in finance, but more importantly for society at large’

Investors have been having a great time of it the last 30 years, benefiting from higher than average returns and lower than average volatility in the equity and bond markets. But these positive conditions aren’t necessarily going to last, and investors should be prepared to rethink their strategies, according to a research note released by the Global Quantitative Strategy Team at AllianceBernstein on Tuesday, January 10. “We are not bearish, but we suggest that the scale of the problem that this poses for society sets…

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