Police arrest suspect in the ‘direct attack’ on a US consular official shot in Mexico

A suspect in the shooting of a US consular official in the Mexican city of Guadalajara was arrested on Sunday, the state prosecutor’s office said. The consular official, later identified by a Mexican security official speaking on condition of anonymity as Christopher Ashcraft, was shot by a gunman on Friday as he was leaving a city parking lot. The Jalisco state prosecutor said on Twitter that specialized agents made the arrest, but did not provide further details including the name of the suspect or any…

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Automakers are slowing their self-driving car plans — and that could be a good thing

It was barely two years ago that self-driving car companies were putting forth a Utopian vision of driverless cars whizzing through streets allowing passengers to sleep in steering-wheel-less cars. That concept was particularly embodied by Google’s “Koala” car – a simplistic pod without a steering wheel, brakes, or a gas pedal – that drove a blind passenger on public roads in Austin in 2015. Lyft co-founder John Zimmer boldly declared in September car ownership will “all but end” in cities in just 5 years with…

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Martin Shkreli suspended from Twitter for harassing freelance journalist Lauren Duca

Twitter suspended Martin Shkreli’s account on Sunday following his trolling of freelance journalist Lauren Duca. After Duca wrote a widely-read opinion piece for Teen Vogue in December called “Donald Trump is gaslighting America,” Shkreli started targeting her with jokes about his affection for her on Twitter, including a direct message he allegedly sent asking her to be his date to Trump’s inauguration. https://twitter.com/laurenduca/status/817040025078681600 On Sunday morning, Duca tweeted a screenshot of Shkreli’s account to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Shkreli had photoshopped pictures of Duca and…

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Odell Beckham Jr. was warming up shirtless in 12-degree weather 3 hours before the Giants playoff game against Packers

The weather at Lambeau Field is apparently not affecting Odell Beckham Jr. Prior to the Giants’ Wild Card game against the Packers in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Beckham took the field to warm up – shirtless. According to the Weather Channel, it’s 12 degrees in Green Bay, but feels like 1 degree with the wind chill. Odell Beckham Jr. warming up at Lambeau. Shirtless and in shorts. #frozentundra pic.twitter.com/HM64e196f5 — Bob Glauber (@BobGlauber) January 8, 2017 And then Beckham got some more Giants to come out…

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What’s going on in China right now reminds us of a great Princess Leia quote from Star Wars

In the beginning of “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,” rebel leader Princess Leia (RIP the great Carrie Fisher) was captured by the evil Empire. The rebels had managed to steal the plans for the Empire’s secret weapon, the Death Star, and so the Empire’s agents were ruthlessly hunting for them all over the galaxy. Leia told her captors that the planned Imperial crackdown on the rebels, using the Death Star to terrify planets into submission, wouldn’t work. “The more you tighten your…

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