The world has changed a lot since the Cubs last won the World Series

On Friday night, the Chicago Cubs played their first World Series game at Wrigley Field since 1945. It has been even longer since they last won a World Series: 1908.

A lot has happened in the world since the last time the Cubs were champions.

Below we take a look at how much the world has changed in the 108 years that have passed since the Cubs won the title.

African-Americans were not allowed to play baseball the last time the Cubs won the World Series. Jackie Robinson did not break the color barrier until 1947, four decades later.

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Women were not allowed to vote. The 19th amendment, allowing women to vote, was not ratified until 1920.

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Cars were not being mass produced. In fact, the first Model-T debuted just 13 days before the Cubs won the 1908 World Series.

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You could not buy sliced bread. Pre-sliced bread did not emerge until the 1920s.

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Clothes did not have zippers. the modern zipper was not used until 1911.

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There were only 46 states. New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawai’i did not become states until after 1908.

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The Russian Empire still existed. Nicholas II did not abdicate until 1917.

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In 1908, man’s life expectancy was just 49.5 years. Today it is 76.6 years.

Foto: Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first publicized handheld mobile phone call on a prototype DynaTAC model on April 4, 1973. This is a reenactment in 2007. source Wikipedia

In 1908, the only way to experience a ball game was at the ballpark. Games were not broadcast on radio until 1921 and television until 1939.

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All baseball games were played during the day. The first night game was not played until 1935.

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Now check out how much college football coaches make in 2016.

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